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English Origin of
Six Early Colonists by the Name of Perkins

by Paula P. Mortensen

Book Copyright (c) 1998 - 2007 Paula P Mortensen -- All rights reserved

Many books have been published on John Perkins of Ipswich, Massachusetts; Abraham and Isaac Perkins of Hampton, New Hampshire; Rev. William Perkins of Topsfield, Massachusetts; Edward Perkins of New Haven, Connecticut and Rufus Perkins of Chester, Vermont. This book is a compilation of all these early colonists, showing the relationships and their English origins.

Researchers of course would like to use primary records. Many of the early editors did just that. I have used some of the best sources I could find in compiling this book of families. These early works are all well documented. Many of the early records are no longer extant, but when it was possible microfilm of some of the early records were consulted, as well as the undertaking of on site research.

This book covers the lineage of John Perkins of Ipswich MA, Abraham and Isaac of Hampton, NH, (who were all cousins) Rev. William Perkins of Topsfield, MA and Edward Perkins of New Haven, CT who were half brothers. Also, Rufus Perkins of Chester, Vermont will be shown to be a descendant of John of Ipswich. Some early researchers surmised that both John of Ipswich and William of Topsfield traced back to Pierre de Morlaix of Ufton Parish. So far, I have found only John, which includes Rufus, Abraham and Isaac Perkins to have been.

Many early researchers claimed that John Perkins of Ipswich, MA was from Newent in Gloucestershire. But discovery of the Hillmorton Parish Records with his marriage and all the births of his children, proved without a doubt that he was from there. The births of Abraham and Isaac can also be found in these early Hillmorton Parish records.

A book on Rufus Perkins of Chester, Vermont was published by Henry E. Perkins in 1916, and he surmised that Rufus traced back to John of Ipswich. His reasons seemed valid to this researcher, so I have included the lineage in this book.

The early lineage of Rev. William Perkins was located in London records, and published in some very dependable works.

Edward of New Haven however, has been rather elusive. A diary of Roger Perkins6 (Ithiel5, Roger4, John3, John2, Edward1) appearing in the Connecticut Magazine (vol. IX p. 666 & 667), along with the genealogy of this family, claimed that Edward was a descendant of William Perkins of London, England, and a half brother to Rev. William Perkins of Topsfield. I quote here:

     "April 5, 1790, To-day I am twenty-one. Father gave me the powder horn
     which he carried during the war and which he had on when wounded at Bunker Hill.
     This horn belonged to his grand-father's grandfather, the first of our family
     in this country, six generations back from me. He was a half brother of dominie
     William Perkins who was with John Winthrop Junr. at Ipswich."

This of course, is not a primary record, as it was written many years after the fact. But comparing it to other sources as to the origin of Edward, it seems to fit quite well. I did a great deal of research on this line before accepting it.

There was an excellent manuscript compiled by Judge Paul M. Perkins of Canton, Ohio, in which he took each Edward and explained why this one or that one was not the Edward of New Haven. His conclusion was that he was a son of Thomas and Mary (Bate) Perkins. The reason he eliminated Edward as being of the Rev. William's line, was that Edward was the executor of his father's will which was proved in England in 1657. We know that Edward was in New Haven in 1657, because of a deposition he made at that time. However, according to the probate record of William's will, the son Edward was not there at the time it was probated. Also taken into consideration were the dates of the birth of Edward the son of Thomas, 5 April 1607, too early to have been that of Edward of New Haven; and the birth of Edward the son of William, 18 January 1622, which fits Edward of New Haven.

This book is divided into two sections. The first is that of John, Abraham, Isaac and Rufus. The second part is that of Rev. William and Edward.

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