Genealogy Research Perkins Family Book

Common Errors in Perkins Family Research

by Paula P. Mortensen

Pierre de Morlaix (1320) Jacob Perkins, Jr. (before 1746) Daniel Perkins (1807)
Dr. Elisha Perkins (1740/41) George Clement Perkins (1839) Hugh Mason, Sr. (1535)
William Buck, Sr.(1585) Rene Chauvin (1600) John Boynton, Sr. (1614)
Thomas Gould I (1455) John Towne (1570)
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A number of misconceptions and errors are being published on the World Wide Web, and even in some commercial books and CD-ROMs.

The best general advice is to verify all materials against primary sources like official vital records (birth, death, marriage) and other original and first-hand documents or accounts.

Some sources that can provide a head-start, but should be checked against primary sources include:

And that is the key word, verify, verify, verify.

More complete research is included in Paula P Mortensen's book

English Origin of Six Early Colonists by the Name of Perkins.

This Perkins Early Colonists book includes siblings, paternal and maternal lines, notes and sources.


Genealogy Research Perkins Family Book

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